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The Waterbug Company is run by a bunch of Australian freshwater ecologists. Our main passion is waterbugs, but we have experience in a broad range of limnological activities. What is limnology? The study of inland waters, it covers everything from wetlands (saline and fresh) to rivers and even estuaries.



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Waterbug Face

Need a Waterbug ID confirmed by a bunch of friendly people? or have you got a waterbug with no name? Try waterbug face ( It is totally free, and we try and get an opinion back to you quicksmart... Simply post a picture of your waterbug with a note to let us know what info are you after? Despite the international nature of the web ...our answers are going to be more accurate for waterbugs from Australia and surrounds!


Binatang bilong Warra

Waterbugs in tok pisin. A quick guide to some of the more spectacular waterbugs of PNG ...Click on the image to the right to download the PDF.





  Binatang bilong warra  

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